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Multipurpose cleaners are usually in a liquid form and it is used for cleaning of multiple washable surfaces. This type of cleaners are cost effective and saves you time and money as well. Having to decide on which cleaner to buy is quite a headache when you pay a visit to the cleaning department of any supermarket. With such a wide selection of different types of cleaners for different surfaces, it can also take up precious storage space in a country like Singapore where space is a major constraint. With Glory Multipurpose cleaner, the only cleaner you will ever need, saves you time, money and space! This is a specially concocted formula from USA and it has created a stir amongst users who have used it.

Why Multipurpose Cleaners?

Having to decide on which cleaner to use on which surface is a challenge today. Having time constraints is also another issue we face today. Having a multipurpose cleaner today is a sure way to get past the selection process. If all else fails, the multipurpose cleaner should be able to accomplish the task.


Product Highlights:

  • Non Acidic
  • No rinsing required
  • Clean & Shine
  • Non Corrosive
  • Environmental Friendly/ Biodegradeable
  • Dilute before use

Features the key

Non Acidic

Non Acidic

Since most soils and dirt are acidic in nature, a non-acidic cleaning solution like Glory will be more effective and efficient in neutralizing their impact in your home.

No rinsing required

No rinsing required

Unlike other cleaners that leave behind soapy or oily residue that has to be rinsed off, Glory doesn’t require you to clean your surfaces with water after use.

Clean & Shine

Clean & Shine

Glory's specially-created formula allows it to clean and effectively return dirty surfaces to their original sparkle and shine.

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The only cleaner you ever need

Glory– What every cleaner should be

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